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Hello, water~~~
 Welcome to ♕Fgw123456♕

1.Focus store first order stand down $10 (click attention to receive)
2.50-100 new models a week. you must remember to focus on them before you miss the good time
3.Store will continue to launch low diskount time-limited low-cost special purchases, etc.

(operation of the shop)
Phone case data cable set earphone cover, etc.

📣Regarding shipment👇:
⌚Basically all ready stock, 1-2 days shipping (inevitable shortage, after order notice of chat notice) 
⌚Mainland shipment, usually about a week (we don't give regular notice of arrival) 

♬♬ After sale♬♬ 
✿Please make sure that the name, telephone and address of the consignee are correct and that the name and identity card are not available.
✿If you feel satisfied with the product, please give us a good view of the five stars in the sun
✿Please contact us with a chat about any product questions
✿Normal delivery on weekends/holidays (earth does not explode, we do not have a holiday, universe does not restart, we do not rest) 
✿Every item will be inspected before shipment. if you have any problems after your receipt, please contact us in time and we will solve them for you 
Shop wish you a happy shopping~~~
Need lanyard contact service free of charge
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